My Muse wandered in this morning at 6:00. Apparently she never went to sleep last night. In an unusual gesture of generosity, she did not wake me up.

I was already awake because I thought I had an early morning CAT scan. I begged her to let me go to the lab for the scan. She told me not to worry about it. When I double-checked the Kaiser website I discovered that I had long ago canceled the CAT scan; it was what I call a zombie appointment.

She dictated a poem and then skedaddled.

How Does It Feel To Wake Up? (click for whole poem)
How does it feel to wake up every morning…
…enveloped with joy and gratitude
…ensconced in the love of three wonderful women

Apparently there was an error in the horoscope factory this morning. This was Vicki’s horoscope, but she’s a Cancer and I’m a Virgo, and this horoscope is clearly mine: “Explore your creative potential this morning because you're in touch with your muse.” Or, rather, she’s in touch.

I am grateful for the 90 minutes I didn’t spend driving to and from Kaiser thanks to her suggestion that I not worry about being late―to a cancelled appointment.
Be the first reader EVER to actually go to my Poetry Corner, a list of all the poems I’ve written since I took up poetry at the turn of the century.

Paul’s Poetry Corner:  And That’s It

I’ve run through my poetry outburst. I am now seldom producing new poems. Was it a phase I was going through? A Covid hobby? Most likely, it was 68 years of backed-up inspiration, like George Harrison’s first couple of albums after the Beatles broke up. Eventually, you use up all your seed corn and have to start new production at a (likely) slower pace. Perhaps my muse will come roaring back. Or, perhaps, I have thought of every possible way for me to express my love for Vicki and my joy in my new mindful life of gratitude. Every day no longer brings new snippets of inspiration. At the start of this project, I felt almost frantic with inspiration, filling my iphone with notes for new poems, with couplets and rhymes. Now, it’s just filled with shopping lists and the names of films I want to see. I suspect I will return to my half-century habit of plodding along in prose.